• Wooden fence and mowed lawn

Summer Landscape Maintenance

Summer marks the growing season, and our property care professionals get to work bringing out the beauty in your lawn, garden, and landscaping. We’ll create a property care plan customized to your personal needs.

  • Mowing

    All lawn areas are cut throughout the growing season. With each mowing, we trim around all buildings and other obstacles. The height of the cut depends on grass species and local conditions. Heavy rain or extended dry periods may affect mowing frequency.

  • Weeding & Flower Bed Care

    We weed flowerbeds, ornamental mulch beds, and tree rings to ensure they are weed-free on an as-needed basis. This is done by hand or by using herbicides.

  • Cultivation & Edge Touchup

    Mulch is turned over and landscape bed edges touched up.

  • Pruning

    Pruning is an essential part of landscape maintenance. All planted trees and shrubs are pruned per National Arborist standards.