• Stone wall and walkway

Additional Landscape Maintenance & Property Care Services

Scenic Views offers additional services to enhance the overall appearance of your property:

  • Granite Mailbox Post Installation

    Our granite mailbox posts add an upscale outdoor living look to any driveway or landscape. We also offer post caps, mailboxes, and mailbox brackets.

  • Granite Steps & Landings

    Granite is the ultimate choice in beauty and durability: these steps hold up to all that mother nature can dish out. They won’t chip or crack from the freeze/thaw process; degrade over time like wood, brick, and concrete; and are unaffected by ice-melting chemicals.

  • Tree & Plant Installations

    The right tree in the right place provides wind protection, shade, and cool air while adding beauty, privacy, and wildlife habitat to the landscape.

  • Landscape Renovation

    Your landscape is very much like your home: it grows old, sometimes tattered and torn, and needs updating from time to time. Sometimes plantings need to be completely torn out and replaced. Typically a landscape lasts for 10 to 15 years before it needs at least a partial renovation.