• Blue and purple spring flowers

Spring Lawn and Yard Care

We call this the “wake up season.” As soon as the weather allows, we’ll start preparing your lawn and yard for the growing season:

  • Spring Clean-Up

    Spring clean-up will begin as soon as the weather allows. It consists of removing leaves, branches, and miscellaneous debris. We also remove leftover sand from snow plowing as part of spring clean-up. Shrubs and specimen trees will be pruned of broken branches.

  • Lawn Dethatching

    Thatch removal is essential to maintain a lush, healthy lawn. Thatch is the layer of built-up plant material between the green top growth and the roots of grass plants. This service should be performed in spring to ready your lawn for the warmer summer months.

  • Snow Plow Damage Repair

    All areas that have been damaged will be cleaned up, loaded, and seeded with high-quality seed. The straw will be placed on top of loaded areas to aid in retaining moisture.

  • Flower Bed Edging

    Re-establish existing bed lines with new, cut edges to create smooth, flowing lines and crisp differentiation between bed and turf or hard surfaces.

  • Mulch Installation

    Mulch installation adds beauty to your landscaping and helps your plants and flowers stay healthy. One or two inches of natural mulch holds moisture in the ground, meaning your plants will need less frequent watering. Mulch also helps combat annual weed growth.

  • Seasonal Flower Programs

    Design and prepare flower pots, perennials, and plant annuals.